Military Police- Tactical porta potty clearing

How many soldiers can fit into a porta-potty?. 114th MP Co demonstrate how to properly clear a porta potty with a 12 man team

Top Secret Drum Corps - Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2012 - 720p HD

Just saw this for the first time. Never thought I'd ever see a drum line quite like this. Amazing. Top Secret Drum Corps is a precision drum corps based in Basel, Switzerland. With 25 drummers and colorguard members, the corps became famous for its demanding six-minute routine performed at the Edinb...More

Surprise Homecomings of Military Dads Supercut

Surprise Homecomings of Military Dads Supercut. Surprise Homecomings of Military Dads Supercut No copyright infringement intended. Copyright issue? Send me a message and we'll get it resolved ASAP. CREDITS: 1. Soldier Suprises Daughter in class - One of the BEST reactions! 2...More

Surprise Military Family Welcome Home at South Carolina Football Game

I'm not usually one for the ''soldier surprises family and comes home'' videos. But this one hit me right in the feels. The Faile family from Kershaw, South Carolina, was the Columbia Metropolitan Airport Military Family of the Game, set to be recognized on the field. Their first surprise was a mess...More

The Secret History of Videogames & The Military | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios

HEY ERYBODY, we're trying out some new formats for the show! Starting with… Secret Histories!! Videogames about war are obviously super popular, and war itself is becoming more and more like a videogame (drones, anyone?). But do you know about the links between the government and the videogame ind...More

Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK... Tom Deane. Fake Fraud Phony Military Impostor

Ex-Navy SEAL Don Shipley finds people falsely claiming to have been SEALs and outs them on the internet. He's pretty funny too. Phony Navy SEAL, Tom Deane from Gastonia, North Carolina is our "PHONY NAVY SEAL of the WEEK." Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley exposes Phony Navy SEALs and Military Impostors...More

Machine gun fire from military helicopters flying over downtown Miami Fl.

This happened in Miami last night, and it just doesn't sit right with me..

Top Secret Drum Corps Edinburgh Military Tattoo 2009

The most amazing drum squad I've ever seen.. The outstanding Swiss Top Secret Drum Corps recorded at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August 2009. Check 2006:

The Greek Military

The Greek military must be terrifying on the battlefield. The Greek Military

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders "Call Me Maybe" By Carly Rae Jepson Military Tribute

US troops pay tribute to "Call Me Maybe", hot damn.. This is a military tribute video to the Dolphins Cheerleaders. We do the video scene for scene the same as their video.

Students Invent Spiderman Suit For the Military

Students Invent Spiderman Suit For the Military. A team of engineering students at Utah State University has designed what could be the next hi-tech device for Special Forces military. The whole idea was to find a way for soldiers to climb any wall without rope or hooks. What these engineering st...More

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