How One Chicago Restaurant Went Totally Trash-Free

Some restaurants produce eight gallons of waste every hour. Thanks to a sustainability plan, Sandwich Me stretched that two years.

Jamie Foxx discusses his lyrics to 'Storm' - The Graham Norton Show: Series 15 Episode 2 - BBC One

Graham Norton questions Jamie Foxx's lyrics. Programme website: Graham and his guests discuss the meaning behind Jamie Foxx's song, 'Storm'.

Richard Turner - One of the World's Greatest Card Magicians - Dealt Teaser Trailer

Amazing slow-motion footage of one of the best card magicians in the world.. Richard Turner is a phenomenon in the world of magic. For forty years he has dazzled audiences around the globe appearing in Hollywood films, major-network TV specials, and performing nightly at th...More

Choosing my new guitar with Rob Chapman - Part one

Nellie choosing his guitar. Recently I hooked up with Rob Chapman who very kindly offered to give me a new guitar - I went to his flat for a tea and a jam, here's what happened.

To Eve and back - one launch expedition

Anyone who has ever played any simulator game needs to watch this. Epic!!!!. One-launch flight to Eve and back. Kerbal Space Program 0.21.1 music: Astropilot & CJ Catalizer - Time Tides Aural Planet -- Sunfruits Avenue

No One Sees It Like You

Seven billion people flying through space on a rock - and you are the only one who's seen the things you've seen.

Last Chance High - Episode One

Vice doc about a school for bad kids in chicago. Subscribe to VICE News here: Chicago is the murder capital of America, and most of those killed, and doing the killing, are between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. On Chicago's West Side, there is a school for th...More

Transforming Formula One

Red Bull gives you low-down on all the 2014 Formula One rules changes - with a healthy dose of awesome CGI effects and hyper-fast race cars.

Bonobo builds a fire and toasts marshmallows - Monkey Planet: Preview - BBC One

Just A Chimpanzee Building A Fire. Programme website: Kanzi the bonobo lives in America and has learnt how to build a fire, light it using matches and toast marshmallows on it. It shows just how like us some primates really are.

Jesse Parent - "To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter"

"To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter". Performing during the Coaches Slam at the 2014 College Unions Poetry Slam Invitational. Find out more about Jesse at Follow Button on Facebook: About Button: Button Poetry is comm...More

HTC One M8 Dot View Case!

HTC One M8 Dot View Case! This is innovation.. The Dot view flip case for the New One M8! HTC One M8 Impressions: Dot View case: All of the cases's notifications:

Formula One V6 turbo: 2014 Rules Explained

The new F1.. Transforming Formula One: 2014 Rules Explained: CGI Clip A new clip from Red Bull sees Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel explain the 2014 Formula One regulations -- which are arguably the most complex the sport has ever seen. At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously as...More

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