Rabid 5 Seconds of Summer Fan - 103.3 Amp Radio

I interviewed a VERY intense boyband fan for the radio. A colleague heard the audio, then sent me this today... [:57]. TheTJShow.com MORNINGS - 103.3 AMP RADIO BOSTON twitter: @radioTJ @1033ampradio @LorenRaye @ShearerThanYou instagram: @radioTJ @LorenOnAir @shearerthanyou

King of Summer | Shark Week 2014 - Sun Aug 10 8/7c

My Roommate told me he "might be doing a commercial" for Discovery. Today, he sent me this. AMAZING.. SHARK WEEK kicks off Sun Aug 10 8/7c on Discovery. | http://www.discovery.com/tv-shows/shark-week #KingOfSummer | https://twitter.com/SharkWeek 24/7 Shark Cam | http://www.discovery.com/...More

Calculus II Summer Course Trailer

My calculus teacher just posted a trailer to his calculus II course this summer. Seems fucking INTENSE!!!. Calculus II Summer Course is being offered at Centennial College May 26 - Jun 26 Registration: call Andrea Burdman @ (514)-486-5533 (ext. 236)

Freedom Summer (Trailer)

In the hot and deadly summer of 1964, the nation’s eyes were riveted on Mississippi. Over ten memorable weeks known as Freedom Summer, more than 700 student volunteers joined with organizers and local African Americans in an historic effort to shatter the foundations of white supremacy in Missi...More

Molotov Jukebox - Trying (Live at Summer Sundae 2012) HD 1080p

Osha from Game Of Thrones is also a great singer (and accordian player).. This was the last song in thier set on Saturday 18th August 2012 recorded on the main stage during the Summer Sundae festival at De Montford Hall and Gardens in Leicester. Video was recorded on Canon 60D with 70-200mm f4L IS ...More

2014 Summer Movie Round Up by Red Letter Media

Anyone else feel this way about movies nowadays?. Check it out! This summer is going to be off the hook with all the new movies coming out! Jay and Mike recap what Hollywood has to offer this summer! OMFG!

Notorious B.I.G. throws a water bottle at DJ Kap at KMEL Summer Jam 1995

Notorious B.I.G throws a water bottle at his DJ because he keeps messing up. Notorious B.I.G. in an excerpt from KMEL Summer Jam 1995. http://www.thefader.com/2011/05/05/video-notorious-big-throws-a-water-bottle-at-dj-big-kap-live-in-san-francisco-1995/ Everything Notorious B.I.G. on thefader.com:...More

Steam Summer Sale 2014

Steam Summer Sale 2014. Something is about to happen that has not happened for an age.

An Indian Summer with Mom by John Roberts

As a Fan of Bob's Burgers...this is Great. Indian Summer with Mom by John Roberts Edit Owen Plotkin DP Ned Stressen-Rueter

Last Summer (Really Scary Prank!)

Probably one of the scariest pranks I have seen.. The Ring / Grudge Prank. So messed up! Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!)

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