Calculus II Summer Course Trailer

My calculus teacher just posted a trailer to his calculus II course this summer. Seems fucking INTENSE!!!. Calculus II Summer Course is being offered at Centennial College May 26 - Jun 26 Registration: call Andrea Burdman @ (514)-486-5533 (ext. 236)

Where is the Steam Summer Sale???

Where is the steam summer sale??. Suddenly I'm hungry for some raviolli

Summer Notes: 93 Days, 93 notes

Filmed myself playing ONE NOTE A DAY for 93 days, edited it together and made a song you may know.. I went through some old boxes and found some stuff from when I was a kid, so this happened. Sometimes I wore the same shirt for like 3 days in a row. Give me a break, it's summer! "Happiness is achie...More

2014 Summer Movie Round Up by Red Letter Media

Anyone else feel this way about movies nowadays?. Check it out! This summer is going to be off the hook with all the new movies coming out! Jay and Mike recap what Hollywood has to offer this summer! OMFG!

Summer Eleven

Brazilian filmmaker Fernando Sanches brings his Instagram feed to life with this experimental short film composed entirely of filtered photos from the iPhone app.

An Indian Summer with Mom by John Roberts

As a Fan of Bob's Burgers...this is Great. Indian Summer with Mom by John Roberts Edit Owen Plotkin DP Ned Stressen-Rueter

Last Summer (Really Scary Prank!)

Probably one of the scariest pranks I have seen.. The Ring / Grudge Prank. So messed up! Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!) Last Summer - Prank (Really Scary!)

Young Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Sing At Summer Camp

Must-see morning clip: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon sing Toto’s “Africa” at summer camp. . .. Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake are kids at summer camp, singing "Africa" by Toto. Subscribe NOW to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: Watch Late Night With Jimmy Fallon ...More

A Phantom Flex Summer

Most of the time we'd rather slowly gouge our eyeballs out with a pair of rusty pliers than watch a home movie of your rotten kids. However, when those rotten kids are indulging in a series of summer time staples at 2,564 frames-per-second, we welcome it with open arms.

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