DJI Inspire 1 Crashes - On Auto Take off procedure Second Time

Guy buys a $3,000 drone and crashes it into his house. Last couple of flights not stable on auto take off - shimming and drifting. wanted to record if it drifted to send to dji to get settings changed or trouble shoot the issues as it crashed earlier in the am - but was fine 2 times after just a lot of shimming and bobbing in the desert in the open or in the subdivision of the house i was trying to film - we went out and checked everything recalibrated the compass again even though we hadn't moved - and this happened with no operator input just in auto take off mode To all the people who say I can't fly wrong I have dozens and dozens of flights -started with a phantom vision upgraded to a Guai 840h ground station you name it - i wanted to use the auto take off feature and learn the camera settings and do a house fly by for real estate the earlier auto take off had issues and the earlier flight the craft was drifting badly - the day before did 4 flights perfectly - the unit was calibrated and triple checked - hit the auto take off button and that's what you see. Maybe if you know anyone at DJI they could email me or call me to offer advice or have me send it in for a test? THIS WAS NOT OPERATOR ERROR - IF IT WAS I WOULD JUST GO BUY ANOTHER ONE! AND AVOID THE HUMILIATION So post here if you are also having any issues or fixes. I love my DJI Products and want to keep flying. THANKS TO STEPHEN GARNER OF HUBMEDIA FOR SHARING THIS WITH ME: Makes Me Feel A Lot Better not just me! thanks to @simonnewton.


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