Man Throws My Props While Performing; He Did it For the Children

Man bullies performance artist.. If you want to see what happened next: I was performing at Union Square, I had a good crowd, it was close to when I was stopping. A man without communicating, starts kicking my props. He doesn't stop, and then throws my kart. I tell him to stop. The crowd starts booing. He communicates, "Then put on some pants, there are children out here." Well I start putting on my shorts, but still he gives my kart one final blow. That pissed me off, so instead of getting angry. I shout, "I love you, I love you, give me a hug", he walks away. I end the show, clean my props, fix the dent he made on my kart. Later, he comes back and tries to offer me a puff of his joint, I say no thank you and then he communicates in a calm way that he's on the crypts, and he'll kill me if I wear my speedo. There are children out here. After much thinking, yes the guy made me angry, by kicking my kart for no reason. But I'm also aware that every human being needs love, and if I could redo this scenario, I would of told everybody to give him love instead of booing him. Booing, probably made him kick my kart a second time. That's my theory. I appreciate everybodies feedback and support. And I will probably follow his wishes not to wear a speedo. Union Square is a great place to express freedom but it is also a community of people and for now I will respect his wishes unless he gives me more grief. AFTER THE FACT: The site got a hold of it and they bashed me. I got too serious, I admit it, I don't like what they stand for, fear and hate. They think its alright to tell somebody "If I ever see you in person, I'm going to beat the shit out of you". They are internet Trolls, so they choose to keep their identity hidden. I took my youtube video down. Which was a huge mistake, because that made them angrier. I posted the die hipster article on my facebook. Many people gave me their support. (I have put the youtube video back, without allowing people to comment or embed it. I'm an artist, so it is important to document all good and bad. It's unfortunate that the bad gets more attention though.) I finished off by writing this on the facebook page: Thanks to everybody who commented and gave me positive feedback, it gives me strength to keep doing what I love. The majority of the time I'm out there, people are laughing hysterically. It's very rare that these negative situations occur. But when they do, and they'll probably happen again, they get blown out of proportion. And since we live in a backwards world, negativity gets more attention then all the positive things in the world do. Part of it is my fault because I posted it. But I'm an artist and I feel I should document all bad and good things. It's still up on my main website, every person there taped it with their I-phone or other device. There's a lot of things that we can't control in this world. It's best just to let all negativity (whoever it comes from) humble us and continue to do what we love. Which I believe is the most important thing. We are all bound to succeed at what we do. Thank you for your love, now it's time to become silly again. FARRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrT. Because I believe I got to serious. If you wish to see their post, click link:


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