Watch moment England fan has EAR bitten off in vicious race-hate attack at World Cup

England fan has ear bitten off inside the stadium at World Cup (x-post soccer). This is the shameful moment an England football fan had his ear lobe bitten off by a racist thug at the World Cup, reveals the Sunday People. Our shocking video shows the victim with blood pouring down his neck after a fellow England fan savagely attacked him. The stunned supporter, believed to be England fan Robert Farquharson, tells the camera: "He bit my ear off and called me a black ****!" The thug had also taunted his victim by telling him: 'You shouldn't be ­supporting England.' Sunday People columnist Stan Collymore -- among the first to view the video -- last night called for ­football bosses Fifa to launch an investigation into the incident and described it as "unbelievable". And north London-based fan Billy Grant, who filmed the incident, said: "Everyone who witnessed what ­happened to the kid was absolutely disgusted. "The guy who attacked him was an idiot. "He attacked another England fan, racially abused him and then bit his ear off. It was appalling."


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